– Salsa NY: basics

The foundation of the most technically complicated and amazingly beautiful style New York. Learning of the dance rhythm, it’s geometry and also basic figures. It’s all partners and ladies need to feel comfortable on the dance floor.

– Salsa NY: Non standard

This course was specially created to help you to see and learn how to use the new possibilities, which isn’t foreseen in standard schemes. How to use the space around you in dance, staying at the same time intelligible for you partner. Ladies will be able to understand the man’s logic of thinking, which will let them feel themselves calm and confident in dance.

– Spin Technique

It’s an exclusive course having recommended itself in many cities of Russia. It’s not a secret the skill of fast and multiple rotation is irreplaceable for salsa-dancer. But for the majority of people turns assimilating becomes the great challenge. This course was created to make their live easier. Axis, focus, impulse and other interesting things are waiting for you!

– Ladies Style

This course is about how to move gracefully and stay vampish despite the difficulties of turns, hard leading or fast music. We are going to master the hands and body moving, learn how to dance solo.

– Footwork

Sensational course teaching different solo combinations. We investigate how to move your feet quickly, how to deal with a weight shifting, learn how to diversify you improvisation and to dance on high speeds.

– Leading and following technique

This course is dedicated to the learning and practicing of leading and posteriority in a couple. You’ll figure out what you have to do so both you and your partner could enjoy the full mutual understanding in the dance. And moreover – what the meaning of the hard leading and how synchronous dance gracefully, send and get the impulses.

– Pachanga

Nowadays is considered to be the most popular solo dance. Crazy moving coordination won’t leave you unmoved. If you dance pachanga you can proud yourself.

– Cha-cha-cha

“Yummy” course for those who want to enjoy beautiful, fiery music and it’s dance. This course develops the timekeeping and improvisation ability.

Salsa Rhythm

– Salsa Rhythm: Basic

This is a basic course dedicated to sense of rhythm developing in common. The music of the salsa-style is complicated for perception and, if you have some problems with rhythm, further studying will be difficult for you. During this course we are learning what the measure, beat, melodic line are, trying to listen to music and to keep rhythm.

Salsa Rhythm: Instruments

– Salsa Rhythm: Instruments

If you don’t have any problems with finding “one” and can confidently keep in the rhythm, don’t think you can stop on this! Salsa is incredibly interesting music in execution of which took part a lot of instruments, and there are at least 7 rhythmic ones. During the advanced rhythmic course we are going to study the role of each instrument, to dance in it and to hear them in songs. And even play a little on this instrument ourselves.


– Musicality

One of the markers of a dancer’s good lever is his ability to dance in harmony with music, to mellow different roles of music instruments with your body, moving at the same time beyond the scopes of basic schemes. If you dance confidently and are bored by different combinations, it’s time to grow in this direction! This is a very creative and interesting course; it develops your hearing and the improvisation ability.